Mar 2021

The run-up to the SAPFA Rally Nationals is in full swing 

By Rob Jonkers, Jonty Esser and Willie Bodenstein

The run-up to the SAPFA Rally Nationals is in full swing to practice before the teams all head down to Stellenbosch in April, where the 1st round of qualifying for the International Rally Championships taking place in November, which also takes place in Stellenbosch and where team SA is working hard to enter as many teams as possible to compete against formidable overseas teams.

The Championships will take place at Stellenbosch Airfield, located about 8 km from Stellenbosch Town, 35km from Cape Town International Airport, and 50km from Cape Town City Centre in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. 
Established in 1973, the Stellenbosch Flying Club is located among the picturesque mountains and vineyards of the Cape Winelands. The club offers excellent facilities, with the recently upgraded restaurant and relaxing outdoor area adding value.


                                                                               Participants at the 2019 training camp held at Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch proudly boasts one of the most beautiful airfields in the world. The famous Stellenbosch Winelands are protected by the Hottentots-Holland mountain range and offer breath taking and spectacular scenery stretching from the Atlantic Ocean as far as Tulbach in the North.The rally flying will take place over a vast area of magnificent mountainous and flat terrain.

The Rand Airport training camp participant


And participants at Brits on Saturday the 13th March

Jonty Esser, as the SA coach, has put together a series of training camps to give the new teams that are entering the sport the best opportunity to qualify. Saturday the 13th March was one of these that took place at Brits and one of the 2014 Nationals Routes was dusted off for the teams to practice on.

The focus was on photo recognition and accurate timing. The route for those who could remember was a long and difficult one, and the photos hard to find, especially with some years having passed and vegetation looking different. As a training route, everybody learnt plenty and would have gained valuable experience. 

Saturday’s results

The next practice round will at Stellenbosch on 27th March, with the Nationals 15 – 17 April.Your RSA Team is working hard to make us all proud. The 1st selections will be made on the 14th – 18th of April 2021 and 2nd selections will be in September 2021 in Gauteng – Please come support your potential team members –
Pilot – Fanie Scholtz Navigator – Herman Haasbroek
Pilot – Jonty Esser Navigator – Sandi Goddard
Pilot – Tarryn Myburgh Navigator – Iaan Myburgh
Pilot – Piet Meyer Navigator – Adrienne Visser
Pilot – Hendrik Loots Navigator – Adele Loots
Pilot – Fredirik Kotzee Navigator – Apie Kotzee
Pilot – Andre Kluyts Navigator – Don Lucas
Pilot – Steven van der Merwe Navigator – Alwyn
Pilot – Tony Russell Navigator – Pam Russell
Pilot – Ashleigh Prinsloo Navigator – Marco Nel
Pilot – Adrian Pilling Navigator – Mary de Klerk
Pilot – Hans Schwebel Navigator – Ron Stirk
Pilot – Rob Jonkers Navigator – Martin Meyer
Pilot – Thys van der Merwe Navigator – Sally
Pilot – Laura McDermid Navigator – Stuart McDermid


All are welcome to join us at our training camps and come try out for the selections
Visit to enter

Check out the World Rally Flying Championship 2021 – 22nd WRFC in

This is what we are all working toward – don’t lose focus and hope – we are going to be a formidable team in the worlds.



The My Aviation Life RAR ANR Rally Wonderboom 7 March 2021

By Willie Bodenstein​

Four weeks ago, a number of young aviators with a vision and a passion had completed and were ready to launch their ‘My Aviation Life’ aviation network when one of them remarked; “Wont it be wonderful if we can have a race that will be live streamed as part of the launch?”

On Saturday 6 March, that dream became a reality when the network was launched at Wonderboom’s Villa San Giovanni’s restaurant.

My Aviation Life’s Percy van Staden, Goitseoane, Moabi Ntlhaile…
…and Lesang Tshoke

They got SAPFA, the South Africa Power Flying section of the Aero Club of SA on board. SAPFA has been organising rallies for years and Frank and Cally Eckhard and Rob Jonkers, Chairman of the Aero Club, assisted with the planning of a short ANR (Air Navigation Race).

The teams and rally planners

Ten teams from various flying schools and some private entries entered. However, on race day only, five arrived, four teams from Grand Central Based Superior Pilots Services and one private team, Andre Burger and Laurie Hillhorst.

The five teams that did not make it were the eventual losers as the event was brilliantly organised, a learning experience and an opportunity to compete in a serious race.

The first team to take of was that of pilot Andre Burger and navigator Laurie Hilhorst, who flew a Vans RV 10.
Next to be away was the Cessna 172P with pilot Jishkaar Singh and navigator Shelby van Popering on board.
Third away was the Cessna F172N piloted by Mathew Paton with Mohammed Vanker navigating.
Following them was the Cessna 172M with Sachin Amarath piloting and Darion Murphy navigating
Last away was the Piper Pa-28R-200 Cherokee flown by Wian Minne with Marno vd Westhuized navigating
The track

The course lay-out was based on an air navigation race track in which teams fly a corridor with turn points. Based on each team’s speed, it was estimated that teams should complete the track in 30 minutes. The race culminated in a spot landing with teams being penalised heavier for landing short rather than landing after the line.

The track
Percy van Staden, Goitse Diale, Lesang Tshoke with Wian Minne and Marno vd Westhuizen who finished first in the landing competition
Goitse Diale, Percy van Staden, Lesang Tshoke with Shelby van Popering and Jishkaar Singh finished second
Goitse Diale, Percy van Staden, Lesang Tshoke with Sachin Amarath and Darion Murphey who finished 3rd
Percy van Staden, Goitse Diale, Lesang Tshoke with Andre Burger and Laurie Hilhorst who was the oveall winners
Percy van Staden, Goitse Diale, Lesang Tshoke with Shelby van Popering and Jishkaar Singh who was second overall
Percy van Staden, Goitse Diale, Lesang Tshoke with Sachin Amarath and Darion Murphey who finished third overall

Judging by comments from those present there could be no doubt that the event was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by all. We understand that the organisers are planning to hold regular events spread throughout the country and this initiative deserved the support of all with a passion for aviation